versus projects

The team

A team of two (people) who do activities independently and work on a common goal and specific target. The team is a Family; united, determined, friendly and committed to the chosen cause.

the artist

The Artist himself, is a version of mastery, creativity, and there’s nothing impossible for him in respect of the implementation.

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Versus Projects

You are bound to plunge into an adventure as a result of which you will find out the Artist’s name and discover his skills. Along the way, puzzles, clues, games and prizes/rewards will be widespread.

Versus Projects has extended their services to those experienced developers as members or collaborators in the ours and yours favorite projects.

special thanks to Dan State and Denis Rascarache
Official partnership with Web3 services


„Frostedk9” is an entrepreneur who activates in energy sector, versus projects general concept and investor

Versus Projects

Since Maiar App application has launched, he owns now more than 1000 NFT-s and digital valuables.